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Let’s Keep the County Moving Forward!

Charlie Dooley: Leading the way to a better St. Louis County

You work hard and so does Charlie Dooley.

Charlie’s worked to make St. Louis County the best place to start a business, raise a family, and develop a great career.

Charlie helped create thousands of new jobs making us the #1 county for job growth and new business starts in the state.

His tough leadership guided the County through the financial crisis, maintained the highest bond ranking by the three agencies in the state, and saved taxpayers’ millions.

He has fought to protect our families, reducing crime to a 42-year low.  And he’s expanded access to mammograms and healthcare.

Now Charlie is creating bold public-private partnerships to bring the county more jobs and build stronger neighborhoods.

He'll continue to run a government that’s fiscally responsible and saves taxpayers money, creates growth and provides better healthcare to our families.  


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